I'm a Certified Personal Trainer, bikini bodybuilder, and fitness writer.

I'm also an ex Product Manager in Silicon Valley (add me on LinkedIn if you want to connect professionally).

But most importantly,
I'm an online fitness and nutrition coach who helps you get the body of your dreams and feel confident for LIFE.



My family is Indian: South Indian, to be specific. My mom is Tamil and my dad is Telegu. I was born in Chandigarh, India and grew up in Hanover, New Hampshire. I now live in San Francisco, California.



Throughout my life I struggled with terrible body image. Never loving the way I looked, constantly wanting to change my body, constantly unhappy when I looked in the mirror. I loved food but had a terrible relationship with it. Going through periods of restriction, binging, purging, fad dieting.... all doing nothing but bringing me further down. I went through several different eating disorders: Moderate anorexia in high school. Mild bulimia in college. Definitely orthorexia throughout both of these times. It sucks to feel like you can really never enjoy food without worrying about "burning it off" the next day.

For almost my entire life. I struggled to accept myself, love myself, and constantly hated the way I looked and felt. I never want any other woman to feel the way I did: Terrible about yourself, out of control with your diet, constantly anxious in whatever clothes you're wearing, and unsure of how to change this situation.

Strength training + proper nutrition changed my life. It empowered me with the knowledge, the confidence, and the freedom to transform my body, my mind, and level-up my entire life. It's not just about feeling good in bikini. Increased confidence also meant more money at work. A better relationship. Better time with my friends without worrying about how I looked. The confidence to impact the world through my Instagram page and online business.

I started working with my first coach because I hated the way I looked...but what I got out of it was so much more. My transformation inspired to become a fitness coach as well.


Your body is the most fundamental part of your life.
***You get only what you ask for in life***
....You ask for what you think you deserve.
…What you think you deserve comes down to your self image. Do you think you’re worth it? If not, you will feel awkward asking.
…and your self image starts with your body image.

Do you see your body as capable, strong, and confident? 💪🏽

Or embarrassing & awkward?

Because that is how you will feel about your life, too.

Your life starts with your body.
You cannot TRULY live your life unless you feel good about this first.

You are an independent woman. I truly believe that EVERY WOMAN IN THE WORLD needs to understand how to shape her own body in order to feel in full control of her LIFE. 

All my coaching programs WILL transform your body but also teach you how to do it yourself, so you actually know how to succeed on your own without needing to rely on a trainer or coach forever.

It is my mission as a fitness coach to empower as many women across the globe with this knowledge, and get you feeling strong, sexy, and confident for life.